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Ingredients: Star Anise (100%)

Weights:  40 grams

The flavor of star anise is similar to that of fennel and green anise seed, but sweeter and stronger. Star anise can be used with poultry, pork, chicken, roasts, leeks, squash, and soups. It’s a basic ingredient in Chinese cooking. It can also be used to make delicious infusions to help digestion and liqueurs. The pod contains the most flavor but there is no reason not to use the seed as well. Use whole pieces for infusions and ground with a pestle and mortar for cooking. In south-west France, star anise and a fig leaf are traditionally added to the water used to cook chestnuts for extra flavor. A Star Anise added to a pot of jam gives a wonderful flavor, the same goes for cooked apples. For shellfish lovers – add some star anise to the water used to cook winkles, gorgeous!

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Anise is also known by other names such as “anise”. This plant is in a family with plants such as carrots, celery, and parsley. This plant grows up to one meter tall and produces flowers and fruits. The fruit of this plant is white and small, which is known as anise seed. Anise has a distinctive aroma and taste similar to licorice and is often used to flavor desserts and beverages.

This flowering plant is scientifically known as “Pimpinella anisum”. The fruit of this plant is called anise seed; Because it looks like tiny seeds and is the most characteristic part of the plant. It has a distinctive aroma and flavor, is native to the Mediterranean and western Asia, and has been planted and consumed for thousands of years.

The fruit of this plant is very small and is similar to other common seeds. The oil made from these dried fruits has many properties and has numerous health benefits.

Fennel and anise are not one plant; If they have similar appearance and perfume. Dried and ground anise seeds can be used as a spice and the leaves of this plant are also used as aromatic herbs.

In addition, anise is known for its unique health properties and is used as a natural remedy for a wide variety of ailments.

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