Our Story

“Nektaran” company Tea project started five years ago, we were looking for a place where our ideas would fit and where we could apply our knowledge about the interesting and millenary world of Tea.

We are a young company but with a lot of desire and concern, so for every minute that passes, we will try to improve and attend to your requests. Those of you who already know us asked us if we could send you our Teas to your home, since we are installed in the tourist area of Bratislava and many of you only come to visit, because your wishes are orders and we already have a new online store where you can follow our news and be in contact with us, we also hope that you will come back soon to see us in Obchodna Street at Bratislava where you will always be welcome.

We are dedicated to the sale of tea, infusions, rooibos, saffron, and related products. We have a careful selection of more than 200 varieties of green tea, white tea, red tea, blue tea, black tea, Matcha tea, Origin Saffron, Spices, infusions, and rooibos.

Why Choose Us

Highest Quality

Our tea is natural, authentic and of the finest quality enhanced with healthy goodness. Whether you’re new to tea or have been sipping it for years, you will discover a redefined tea experience with our expertly blended tea in exciting signature flavors.

Pure Taste

Inspired by nature’s goodness our teas divine and refreshing. Maintaining the pure taste of pure tea, we also offer you an added infusion of natural flavor that enhances the whole tea drinking experience. Our extensive range of teas taste fresh and deliver pure goodness with you in mind!

Wide Assortment

From retail, hospitality to gifting we have the finest tea collection. Our teas are perfectly balanced in richness, flavor, strength, and aroma and will instantly become your new favorite after the first sip. Our carefully curated tea assortments are perfect for everyday drinking in varying strengths and are the best gift for any tea lover!